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Stop Shoving Pink Down my Throat!

Did you know that it’s 2016 and we’re still yammering on about painting our little girls’ nurseries pink? Or apologizing for not doing it? “Well, I just don’t believe in gender-assigning/policing/stereotyping/pandering, so…” Why is this conversation even happening today? Where did “pink is for girls” even come from? Is it is old as the 1800s?…
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Just what is Storytelling Anyway?

No matter what business you are in—development, marketing, public relations, communications, education, non-profit, for-profit—everyone seems to agree that your main objective should be “effective storytelling.” You need to be able to “tell your business/company/mission/organization’s “story” in a manner that compels people to act: they must click, buy, email, refer, Like, support, or otherwise engage, after…
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Newsflash: They Read the Copy (at least, in French, they do)

There’s a tired, old fallacy that exists in the marketing world that “no one reads the copy.” In fact, if you Google that very phrase, you’ll drown in a sea of 129,000,000 results (of copy). If that idiom is true, then you’re not reading this either—please comment to show the world that they’re wrong. According…
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