Monthly Archives: October 2016

Just what is Storytelling Anyway?

No matter what business you are in—development, marketing, public relations, communications, education, non-profit, for-profit—everyone seems to agree that your main objective should be “effective storytelling.” You need to be able to “tell your business/company/mission/organization’s “story” in a manner that compels people to act: they must click, buy, email, refer, Like, support, or otherwise engage, after…
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Newsflash: They Read the Copy (at least, in French, they do)

There’s a tired, old fallacy that exists in the marketing world that “no one reads the copy.” In fact, if you Google that very phrase, you’ll drown in a sea of 129,000,000 results (of copy). If that idiom is true, then you’re not reading this either—please comment to show the world that they’re wrong. According…
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