How Many Cops Can You Fit Inside a Smart ForTwo?

The answer is “two.”


Recently, the New York City Police Department ordered a couple hundred Smart ForTwo’s, painted in the now-classic bright white and “Pepsi-blue” livery, to help patrol the streets of Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs.


Well, the mission and practice of policing major urban areas is changing. Due to mounting civilian fatalities, increased availability and use of helicopters and advanced technologies like GPS and engine immobilization, the days of heart-pounding police pursuits are pretty much over. Certainly, capacious and muscular vehicles like the police-package Dodge Charger, Chevrolet Caprice, Ford Taurus and their SUV cousins will always have their place in law enforcement, but, in congested cities, maneuverability, not speed, is king.

That’s a major reason for swearing in this new graduating class of Smart ForTwo’s.

Now, you probably won’t pee your pants if you see one of these little buggers in your rearview mirror (unless it’s from laughter) but the NYPD is throwing its full weight of support behind these small-fry patrol vehicles.

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