Aspira of Pennsylvania

Client: Aspira of Pennsylvania

When approached by ASPIRA of Pennsylvania, an organization that empowers the Latino and Puerto Rican communities, we were proud to offer our services to this outstanding non-profit. The most important document for every non-profit organization is its annual report; a comprehensive account that, at its core, tells a story. The story belongs to ASPIRA of Pennsylvania, telling that story belongs to the 7ven Group.

Annual reports can often be vague and dry, but the 7ven Group collaborated closely, and over an extended period of time, with ASPIRA of Pennsylvania to produce a annual reports that were not only informational, but easy to understand and beautiful to behold. Vibrant charts, graphs and graphics highlight a report so engaging that ASPIRA of Pennsylvania has partnered with us to help them produce marketing materials for their latest endeavor, Aspira of New York.