Client: BlackJack | 1445 Designs

Chris McCorkle has been an Arizona Firefighter for more than 15 years. Fed up with not being able to have enough free hands to manage firefighting equipment he came up with an idea. His idea led him to create the first and only BlackJack Flashlight holder. This small apparatus allows firemen to fixate a flashlight to their helmet, freeing their hands for tasks more important. In 2004, Chris brought this idea to us and asked us to spread the word.

Branding of the BlackJack Flashlight holder was paramount. Once word spread of the value associated with this product, competitors would surely arise. The 7ven Group was given the opportunity to create branding that would represent the BlackJack as a completely unique apparatus. As the company grew, so did our relationship with Chris.

We are now responsible for creating all of the collateral associated with the BlackJack brand, including magazine ads, banner ads, email campaigns and technical drawings.

A web presence possessing an ecommerce mechanism was also necessary to accommodate the flurry of fire departments that were already eager to get a hold of this product. Our job was to create a website that was easily navigable and streamlined while catering to both consumers and distributors on a global scale.