Client: Dipped

Dipped is a Los Angeles-based jewelry company that wanted to showcase their unique 22K gold-plated jewelry to the world. The 7ven Group created a look and feel that was as rich and luxuriant as the pieces Dipped was selling, a seamless, elegant look that enticed consumers at first glance. From the branding to directing the photoshoot, to creating content, we served as a one-stop shop to develop the cohesive user experience Dipped was after.

The website we created was built through an ecommerce application that allows Dipped staff to effortlessly manage its own content and inventory. We established a unique zoom feature on the Dipped site that enables the user to see intricate details of each piece of jewelry, as well as implemented a WordPress blog into the application. Layered navigation and capturing emails for a newsletter were also critical components of the 7ven Group’s contribution to Dipped’s website.

In addition to catering to individual consumers, Dipped wanted an easy way to market to wholesale merchandisers. The 7ven Group responded by creating attractive and comprehensive lookbooks, as well as dynamic banners for tradeshows and other events.