Dora the Explorer

Client: Nickelodeon

Late in the process of proposing this as a product line to offer through Target, Nickelodeon was offered an opportunity to present their “Dora Rocks” line of products to Target execs and needed a turnaround time that would put us to the test.

The designs of landing pages, store end caps, site banner ads, and ultimately a pitch presentation were placed in the hands of Nickelodeon sales managers as they were en route from the East Coast to the central US.

This project proved to be a monumental success for both teams and a fantastic partnership was created. We are now an approved vendor of Viacom (Nickelodeon’s parent company) and continue to provide consulting and design services on a variety of Nickelodeon projects at this time.

Additional Dora the Explorer projects included banner ad campaigns, in store renderings and signage.

“I worked closely with The 7ven Group when I was working at Nickelodeon and pitching Target on an exclusive consumer products program featuring Dora the Explorer. With the pitch materials that they created, (which included circular ad mockups, instore renderings, and PowerPoint presentation) we were able to sell the program into Target. Since this program launched it has been considered a first class holistic retail program and set the bar for the entire licensing industry.”


Ally Tseng
Senior Manager | Retail Marketing
DreamWorks Animation
Former Senior Manager | Retail Marketing