Heal the Bay

Client: Heal the Bay & Shifting Baselines

Heal the Bay knows that the ocean is in trouble. Fish are polluted with more and more mercury every day, and the ones that are left, aren’t as big as they used to be. Overfishing is to blame, especially ocean-bottom trawling; the process used to catch shrimp in which chains dragged along the ocean floor remove plants, a vitality for the entire ecosystem. So when Heal the Bay and Shifting Baselines came to us in 2010 with a new campaign, we were excited to play a big part in getting the message out.

MPA’s Work aims to get Marine Protected Areas into American psyches, and onto American maps. Like underwater national parks, an MPA is a no fishing zone which gives underwater ecosystems a chance to rebound. Successful MPA’s in New Zealand and Japan have actually improved fishing overall in the long run, since large adult fish exponentially create more baby fish.

Although the science behind MPA’s is concrete and well-accepted, creating a website and campaign that got the whole message out was a unique challenge, since most of the general public does not know what they are.

We designed the MPA’s Work logo and integrated it with iconic ocean imagery provided to us by Heal the Bay. Additionally we created a website which spoke directly to the intended audience by putting every day people, right on the home page, communicating why MPA’s are important to them. The website is clean, crisp, and immediately comprehendible to anyone who lands on it.

In addition to the graphic design and web development services completed for Heal the Bay, our video production team created a powerful and poignant PSA (Public Service Announcement), which continues to air nationally. We were able to create the PSA on a limited budget, but still found a way to complete a multi-day shoot with a large crew, both on a soundstage and on location in Malibu.