Nick Jr. Presentation Materials

Client: Nickelodeon

Over the course of six weeks, the 7ven Group worked around the clock to create a Nick Jr. themed world, where Nick Jr.-themed characters collided with other Nickelodeon characters. Strict brand guidelines had to be adhered to as the 7ven Group worked in concert with a team from Nickelodeon on multiple revisions. The 7ven Group handled all aspects of project design and management, from tracking deliverables to providing support and direction to the project team. Every minute detail of the world created by the 7ven Group was done with care, from Sponge Bob’s home in Bikini Bottom to a whimsical take on the Statue of Liberty.

Easily the most ambitious 7ven Group project to date, complex cloud-based technologies were implemented to make this dream world a reality. The 7ven Group utilized Prezi, a presentation software and storytelling tool that employs high resolution imaging to enable a dynamic and exploratory experience for the user. The 7ven Group’s extensive work was presented at Paramount Studios in Hollywood and pitched to Target on behalf of Nickelodeon and Paramount.