Client: Outthinker | Kaihan Krippendorff

When international strategist and innovator Kaihan Krippendorff came to the 7ven Group, he was already at the helm of a successful and inventive New York-based capital advisory firm. Outthinker wanted a way to continue its trend of out-foxing its competitors by creating a unique brand, website and peripherals.

The 7ven Group outfoxed any potential competitors of its own by creating a website that is as bold, creative, and responsive as Outthinker itself. An instantly recognizable brand was brought to life to assist Outthinker with uniformity of design and message, and to ensure that its products and services are foremost in the minds of potential clients.

Perhaps the most unique service provided by the 7ven Group was the design, creation and production of a forty-eight page strategy workbook that has been disseminated to over a thousand industry executives worldwide.