About Us

The 7ven Group is a full service design and development firm that collaborates with businesses to create a powerful digital presence. We exist to create exceptional brand experiences that delight customers, grow brands, and help businesses like yours to thrive.

Our expert team has over 15 years of experience working with companies large and small to help you build a cohesive brand identity and create beautiful products that work together with meaningful messaging.

We’ve worked with leaders in the industry to help them revolutionize their websites, email campaigns, marketing strategy, and product development.

We ensure a seamless experience to grow your company through three core steps:


  • Request a Quote and set up an in-depth call with our  Creative Director, Sabah Quadir.
  • Create a powerful and cohesive brand experience to delight and engage your customers.
  • Grow your bottom line through powerful marketing and quality assurance training.


We exist to create exceptional digital experiences that delight users, grow brands, and help businesses to prosper.

We will:

Utilize our left-brain, right-brain approach to the creative/technical collaboration to give your business the competitive online and print presence it deserves.

Confidently participate in all aspects of project management, assured in the knowledge that your ideas and input are not only valued, but essential.

Work with our team of professionals, each highly skilled in their respective fields, to collaborate on all aspects of your project for a custom and exemplary result.

Offer ongoing support and build a relationship based on trust, integrity, and professionalism. We intend to be a partner, not only throughout the project, but beyond as we help you explore the myriad of venues for promotion and tailor a package to suit your specific needs.


Nature is the founding theme of The 7ven Group. Our design meets at the intersection of industry and the natural world. Roots are a powerful metaphor of brand identity; deepening them plays into the theme of growth. After all, isn’t that what the 7ven Group is all about: helping companies grow?



The 7ven Group Inc. is a group of creative, focused, strategic, and always a delight to work with group of individuals (I know people say this all the time about people, but they take this concept to a whole new level). Team players, but also capable of moving the ball forward on projects completely on their own. I have worked with them for the past several years and each day I continue to be impressed at what AMAZING creative minds they are. With an incredibly creative edge and attention to detail, the 7ven Group will be an asset to any company. I have had the pleasure of collaborating with them on the strategic planning and execution for many high-level consumer products marketing initiatives here at Nickelodeon, from conception to full execution – and they always make it look easy! The amiable personalities and true team player attributes are just the cherry on top! I recommend them highly to anyone!

Richard Morris

Vice President, Commerce at ROCK THE BELLS

Former Vice President, Global Brand Management & Operations at Nickelodeon

I am writing to provide reference for The 7ven Group Inc., specifically as it relates to their Creative Director, Sabah Quadir and her creative work. In my previous job as a VP at Nickelodeon and in my current role as a founder of theKRAMcollective, Sabah & The 7ven Group have been instrumental. We outsourced creative work to the 7ven Group in the form of newsletters, presentations, and retail design while at Nickelodeon. In my current life, Sabah has helped my vision come to life creatively with theKRAMcollective’s logo, our website (the 7ven Group also developed my site), as well as essentially functioned as a creative and layout arm for projects including sales presentations, strategy decks, and product mock-ups. They are easy to work with, always willing to go the extra mile, and I can always count on them in a pinch. In short, they get it done, and they get it done well. I highly recommend their work to any prospective company looking for design or web development.

Alix Kram

VP of Global Marketing, Warner Music

Founder, The Kram Collective

Former VP of Retail Marketing, Nickelodeon

I’ve known Sabah for over a decade, first having worked with her as a colleague, where her artistic vision and expertise were apparent. When I heard of her move to The 7Ven Group, I was more than thrilled to utilize her services for a Philadelphia based nonprofit’s print campaign. Sabah has an impressive ability to listen to a client’s basic needs and ideas and catalyze them into brilliant creative products. When I moved onto a new organization in Colorado, I was encouraged to “shop local.” After comparing the work of various creative companies to the experiences I’ve had with Sabah, it was an easy decision to continue working with 7Ven. Once again, they produced print materials for a fund raising event that were well beyond anything I imagined. Our Board of Trustees was impressed with the final products, and many community members noted the quality and effectiveness of our marketing materials. The 7Ven Group is easy to work with, highly skilled and professional, and the only design firm I will utilize. They are truly second to none.

Diana Dahl

Resource Development Associates

Director Of Operations, Acting Director of Business Development

Former Executive Director, Middle Park Health

I worked closely with The 7ven Group when I was working at Nickelodeon and pitching Target on an exclusive consumer products program featuring Dora the Explorer. With the pitch materials that they created, (which included circular ad mockups, in-store renderings, and a PowerPoint presentation) we were able to sell the program into Target. Since this program launched it has been considered a first class holistic retail program and set the bar for the entire licensing industry.

Ally Tseng

Global Consumer Products | Netflix

Former Senior Manager | Retail Marketing, Nickelodeon

We have relied on The 7ven Group for several years now, both for our internal needs but also for those of our clients. We have served 29 of the 100 largest companies in the world and the work that we ask the 7ven Group to produce influences actions and decisions at a very senior-level. The expectations, import, and consequences of the work that the 7venGroup produces are significant. We have been universally pleased and our clients impressed by the quality, creativity, and professionalism of their work product.

Kaihan Krippendorff

Founder of Outthinker, Advisory Board Member, Senior Advisor at Coplex, Strategy,

Innovation, & Transformation Keynote Speaker, Author

The 7ven Group is an absolute pleasure to work with. This team is our go-to anytime we need sophisticated and speedy work. They always build beautiful design and interactive, and their concepts are so clever and effective. Plus their turnaround times blow me away! These guys have another whole speed, without sacrificing excellence. I don’t know how they do it. Our dream partners, truly. Highly, highly recommended.

Farrah Louviere

CEO |Crown + Conquer

Former Brand Manager | Hyland’s Inc.

I have worked with Sabah Quadir and the 7ven Group for several years now, and continue to partner with the firm,because Sabah is not just a creative thinker with experience with respected brands. She’s all about collaboration and listening to the client,which makes for a great experience, an excellent product (whether it’s a website, newsletter, ad, presentation etc.)and a happy client.

Kitty Dumas

Manager | Ryder Charitable Foundation at Ryder System, Inc.