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Our Inspiration

[row] [span7] Nature is the founding theme of The 7ven Group. Our design meets at the intersection of industry and the natural world. Roots are a powerful metaphor of brand identity; deepening them plays into the theme of growth. After all, isn’t that what the 7ven Group is all about: helping companies grow? [/span7] [/row]
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Our Mission

[row] [span7] We exist to create exceptional digital experiences that delight users, grow brands, and help businesses to prosper. We will: Utilize our left-brain, right-brain approach to the creative/technical collaboration to give your business the competitive online and print presence it deserves. Confidently participate in all aspects of project management, assured in the knowledge that…
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About Us

[row] [span7] The 7ven Group is a full service design and development firm that collaborates with businesses to create a powerful digital presence. We believe that the best marketing is done when consumers spread the word. Getting there means starting with a cohesive brand identity, making thoughtful products, and following through with meaningful marketing. We…
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