• Giggles N’ Hugs

    Giggles N’ Hugs

    We built an immersive world of products, characters and interactive content for publicly traded family restaurant/playspace, Giggles N’ Hugs. The…

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  • Excellent Errands

    Excellent Errands

    When Excellent Errands needed a logo and website design, we jumped at the chance to help them stand out in…

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  • Putek Inc.

    Putek Inc.

    Putek offers the best eco-friendly doors on the market. We helped them develop their brand: one that reflects the strength…

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  • Health Care & Pharmaceutical

    Health Care & Pharmaceutical

    The healthcare industry is powered by continual innovation – advances in prescription medicines, life-saving drugs and technologies medical professionals rely…

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  • Nick Jr. Presentation Materials

    Nick Jr. Presentation Materials

    Over the course of six weeks, the 7ven Group worked around the clock to create a Nick Jr. themed world, where…

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  • Scofield Lighting

    Scofield Lighting

    Two exceptional old-world companies, Scofield Lighting and Heritage Metalwork joined forces, and came to The 7ven Group to create marketing materials and…

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  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Winx Holiday Presentation

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Winx

    In attempt to get a jump start on the Holiday season, Nickelodeon sought our creative expertise in the creation of…

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  • Heal the Bay

    Heal the Bay

    Heal the Bay knows that the ocean is in trouble. Fish are polluted with more and more mercury every day,…

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  • FireCam


    FireCam, a leader in body worn video cameras made for police and Fireman, recently came to The 7ven Group to…

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