In a world of trend-watchers and
crowd-followers, capital advisory
firm Outthinker is known for
agility and innovation.

International strategist
Kaihan Krippendorff and his team
excel at outside-the-box, which
we convey with a distinctive color
scheme and images that portray
the company's range and scope.

The 7ven Group delivered branding
to signal Outthinker's unique spot
in the market, then designed the
website and peripherals to assist
the company in its trend of
out-foxing its competitors.

Psychologically user-friendly
illustrations married with clever
images capture Outthinker's bold,
responsive and personable outlook
in the 48-page executive-level
strategy workbook, created, designed
and produced entirely in-house,
and distributed to thousands
of executives worldwide.

Case Studies