With expertise in fitness, nutrition and
dance--a veritable trifecta in the fitness
industry--Move by Melissa approached
7ven Group for a fresh treatment
and design that could serve their
clients wherever they found themselves.

We focused on the holistic, grounded
approach of Moves by Melissa for a
website experience that instills an
almost subconscious sense of peace
while it inspires and motivates, resulting
in a more personal experience which
leaves the customer empowered
instead of overwhelmed.

To meet the on-the-go, workout
anywhere needs of Moves by Melissa
for her flagship pregnancy program,
the 7ven Group developed the UI and
UX and the results are clean, crisp,
easy-to-follow and all but beckon
you to get started on your workout
journey right now.

The entire package was designed to
establish a strong presence for Move
by Melissa, and to allow for seamless
integration of additional workouts
and products as the company
continues to expand and develop.

Case Studies